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Bus transportation

For ten years working on the Ukrainian market our company, providing transportation services. Tying their own success with the most complete satisfaction of transport needs of its customers, we were looking for cars that are good quality, comfortable, highly technically equipped, has a modern design and affordable price. Our quest to succeed, we work with manufacturers, whose equipment meets all of the above parameters.

One example is the company Zhongtong Bus Holding Co. Ltd. This producer is engaged in manufacturing of buses over four decades. Production of this Chinese brand equipped Dutch production line made ​​by BOVA. In the year they release ten thousand buses belonging to higher and secondary categories, and two thousand luxury buses. This current level of Chinese buses, tech and reliable, affordable. In our company buses from this manufacturer have been operated for six years.

Buses from China ZhongTong fully comply with safety and quality standards adopted in Europe. Users indicate their reliability, efficiency, comfort, they proved themselves in the field of passenger transportation. Confirm this fact numerous awards and certificates received by the company for the quality of goods and services for his great achievements in the development of environmental, energy-efficient products. 


We advise you to buy bus and coach brand ZhongTong, as a great choice that will not fail. 


Transport company "Yuk-Chop" also rents buses, provides services for passenger traffic, performs maintenance and repair of all vehicles and buses. 


Our service includes: 
- Sale and rental of buses used for tourism purposes, order-2 
- Rental of such buses in the city of Uzhgorod and Lviv, 
- Minibus rental for tours in Europe 
- Coach hire in Uzhgorod and Lviv. 


At our station, we provide the following services: 
- Computer diagnostics and repair of trucks, cars and buses; 
- Diagnosis and repair of engines; 
- Diagnosis and repair of fuel system cars; 
- Diagnosis and repair of nozzles; 
- Repair Injection; 
- Sales of spare parts;