Place of boarding in Chop, UA


The place of boarding in Chop, UA – 1, Privokzalna St., the right parking on the square opposite the LOCAL railway station. The GPS coordinate: 48.432003, 22.205165. On the parking place, please wait the coach with label “Uzhgorod-Budapest” on the windscreen.

Деякі поїзди, якими Ви зможете приїхати до Чопа:
01:10 в Чопе, 02:05 в Ужгороді, №749 (ІНТЕРСІТІ) Київ-Ужгород (ч/з Львів)
10:18 в Чопе, №81 Київ-Ужгород (ч/з Вінниця, Хмельницький, Тернопіль, Львів)

The departure time is 11:00 (a.m.), if you arrival to Chop by train, please do not delay. From the platform to the place of boarding 3 munutes for a wolk. 

If the train will delay, please check the time of delay to conductor and contact us in advance. We will wait you depending from the others passengers interconnections (transfers).



In the current section and everywhere on the web-site indicated the Central European time on the territory of Hungary and Austria and Kiev-time on the territory of Ukraine. The delay is possible during the crossing of the border as in Budapest direction as in Chop-Uzhgorod direction, also. Due to the above, our company can not guarantee the 100% keeping of the timetable. Please, take into account this information during planning of your trip and others transfers.

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