How to buy ticket


The Yukom Chop company serve the regular daily international routes. 
How can you buy the tickets:


1. On our web-site, using ON-LINE TICKETING SYSTEM


This is the best and quick way to get the ticket on your dates. You can buy a ticket at any time, at any point of the Earth, just need to have Internet access. You do not need to go to the booking offices to buy a ticket beforehand. After payment the ticket will be automatically sent to your e-mail, after that you will need to print it out (you have no printer access- no problem just show your e-tickets on the screen of tablet or phone). The system adapted for all gadgets – desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone. Purchasing via on-line system you make the secure transaction, minimize the bank charge and easy return money. 
Just do 6 simple steps to purchase ticket on-line:
    1) search of the route (departure and arrival points)
    2) choice of place
    3) inserting passenger’s data (please use only Roman  letters)
    4) booking
    5) payment
    6)  you are the happy ticket’s owner
Buy the tickets without waiting line and extra charges.


2. To send the request to the administration of the company.
    – e-mail
    – Viber+Telegram +38 (050) 441 1956
    – WhatsApp +38 (068) 846 1956
In the request please indicate the date and route of your trip, name and family name of the passenger (Roman  letters as in foreign passport), contact phone and e-mail for tickets sending.


3. Ordering by phone.
Call us and we will help you to buy ticket:
    +38 (068) 846 1956
    +38 (050) 441 1956


4. To purchase in our offices in Kiev or Chop:
    +38 (068) 846 1956
    +38 (050) 441 1956
-Chop office – 2-A, Uzhgorodskaya Str., Transcarpatian Region, Chop, 89502, UKRAINE:
    +38 (050) 589 9441


5. Payment against invoice
The payment can be paid letter after receiving invoice to your E-mail address.


Please contact us if you have any problems during purchasing of tickets or you have remarks and feedback about the design or functionality of the site :
    +38 (050) 441 1956
    +38 (068) 846 1956