Transfer Uzhgorod-Chop / Chop-Uzhgorod:
    -Uzhgorod-Chop – 35UAH / 350HUF / 2EUR
    -Uzhgorod-Chop- Uzhgorod – 70UAH / 700HUF / 3EUR

The ticket’s price to the route Chop-Vienna:
Full ticket:
    -1’400UAH / 13’000HUF / 42EUR (one way ticket)
    -2’340UAH / 22’000HUF / 70EUR (two ways ticket)
Children, special price, up to 12 years old, inclusive:
    –  840UAH /   7’800HUF / 25EUR (one way ticket)
    -1’400UAH / 13’200HUF / 42EUR (two ways ticket)
Teenager, special price, 13-18 years old, inclusive:
    –  980UAH /   9’100HUF / 30EUR (one way ticket)
    -1’650UAH / 15’400HUF / 50EUR (two ways ticket)
Student, special price, up to 29 years old, inclusive (confirmation document):
    –  980UAH /   9’100HUF / 30EUR (one way ticket)
    -1’650UAH / 15’400HUF / 50EUR (two ways ticket)
Pension, special price, 60 and more years old, disabled persons I-II gr., veterans ATO, (confirmation document):
    -1’150UAH / 10’400HUF / 34EUR (one way ticket)
    -1’900UAH / 17’600HUF / 56EUR (two ways ticket)

1 pc of baggage and 1 pc hand luggage inclusive to the ticket’s cost (20kg per person, size 50х40х80 + 10rg, size 40х20х60)
Extra Charge:
    350UAH / 3’200HUF / 10EUR for each additional (if free space available).
Delivery small packet, documents (А4):
    200UAH / 1’500HUF / 5EUR per pc.

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