New Year’s and Christmas holidays timetable


The Yukom Chop company invite you to visit Budapest during the New Year and Christmas Holidays. The company provide the regular international route Uzhgorod-Chop-Nyíregyháza-Budapest.

The timetable for New Year’s and Christmas holidays 2021/2022:
✅ forward route  Uzhgorod-Chop-Nyíregyháza-Budapest
-Dec 24, Friday
-Dec 29, Wednesday
-Dec 31–canceled
-Jan 03, Monday
-Jan 07–canceled
-Jan 09, Sunday
✅ reverse route Budapest-Nyíregyháza-Chop-Uzhgorod:
-Dec 25, Saturday
-Dec 30, Thursday
-Jan 01–canceled
-Jan 04, Tuesday
-Jan 08–canceled
-Jan 10, Monday
 Please take into account the above information during planning of your trip.
After that all route execute as scheduled in timetable
? forward route  from Uzhgorod: MONDAY and FRIDAY, departure at 10:35 a.m.
? reverse route from Budapestо: TUESDAY and SATURDAY, departure at 09:45 a.m.
Stop: Budapest, Hatvan, Nyíregyháza, Chop, Uzhgorod

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