New Year’s holiday timetable

The Yukom-Chop company invite you to visite Budapest during the New Year and Christmas Holidays. The company provide the daily regular international route Uzhgorod-Chop-Nyíregyháza-Budapest.

The periodicity of the forward route  Uzhgorod-Chop-Nyíregyháza-Budapest:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday  
The periodicity of the reverse route Budapest-Nyíregyháza-Chop-Uzhgorod:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

The timetable changing during New Year and Christmas Holidays:
December 31, 2017 (Sunday):
    -route Uzhgorod-Budapect with time of departure 08:30 from Uzhgorod CANCELED
    -route Budapest-Uzhgorod with time of departure 11:45 from Budapest execute as scheduled
January 1, 2018 (Monday):
    -route Uzhgorod-Budapect with time of departure 08:30 from Uzhgorod execute as scheduled
    -route Budapest-Uzhgorod with time of departure 11:45 from Budapes CANCELED

Please take into account the above information during planning of your trip.

The time of departure and arrival:
On the forward route  Uzhgorod-Budapest:
    – departure from Uzhgorod, UA – 08:15
    – departure from Chop, UA – 09:00 (09:30 for passengers from train #13)
    – arrival to Nyíregyháza, HU – 10:30
    – arrival to Budapest, HU – 13:30

On the reverse route Budapest-Uzhgorod:
 – departure from Budapest, HU – 11:45
    – departure from Nyíregyháza, HU – 14:45
    – arrival to Chop, UA – 18:10
    – arrival to Uzhgorod, UA – 18:40

One night in the train to Chop or Uzhgorod, a few hours in the comformable turist buses and you with your family and friends  come to the New Year’s Budapest. Planning you future trips to the Europe today – buy the tickets directly from us. The Yukom-Chop company serve the regular daily international route Uzhgorod-Chop-Nyíregyháza-Budapest. 

Leave a request and our manager will contact you